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FANCO exists since 1998 in the field of vending FOOD, SNACKS and BEVERAGES. The privately owned building located in Byron Athens qualifies for the storage and distribution of the equipment and products.

FANCO is certified by the national ISO 22000 (HACCP) since 2006.

Aiming to satisfy the most demanding customers in vending machines, we implement innovative solutions such as bill validators, cashless systems, combination machines etc.

Our suppliers are Greek and Foreign companies offering completeness and service conditions. Our partners who supply the Vending Machines are equiped with PDA tax systems and can make any changes you demand very quick and easy.

Each vending machine is fitted with the last generation of coin mechanisms (SONAR IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM) which gives change and rejects fake coins. They can be combined with a Bill Validator.

20 years



Photos from ATHLETIC & FITNESS 2016

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